Current research interests...


Fertility | Systemic Impact of Fertility Problems

Fertility issues are becoming more and more prevalent, reaching epidemic levels and having significant impact on family systems. I am in the process of working on programs that I believe will make a difference. Through the accumulation of research, interviews, real life stories from clients as well as from very personal life mission is to impact the world with advancements in the communication and support around these issues.


Attraction | Chemical Attraction Signals 

Research has shown that women subconsciously reject men whose DNA smells too similar to family members and relatives and are attached by DNA that are different than their own. The common use of hormonal birth control methods is shown to alter this natural selection process significantly and may have great impact on relationships over time. Client work and personal experience has offered me many opportunities to test hypotheses in this area and my intention is to do further research. 

 Sex & Love

Sex & Love | Can Passion and Security Coexist

As a sex and love therapist, this is a question that arrises in my practice on a daily basis. The short answer, not so easily. A study into the ways in which this conflict manifests in people's lives is currently underway. The prevalence of extramarital affairs, divorce, and serial monogamy are being examined as it correlates to this challenge. Options such as polyamory and other non-monogamous lifestyle choices are also being explored in this context. 

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