Your Sex Drive Related to the Moon Stages - Does it make a difference?

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How does your sex drive relate to the stages of the moon? Does it make a difference if the moon is full or if there is only a new moon? Do you feel more saucy during a half moon or do you feel saucy all of the time regardless? Here are some fun 'facts'* about your drive related to the Universal power of Luna.

1. The moon DOES effect a woman's menstrual cycle and therefore may affect her sex drive depending on her hormonal cycle prior to her period. So the moon itself does not make her want you more, but because she is prone to the moon's phases for her hormonal ups and downs, you might get a heads up if you look to the sky before making a move.

2. The moon DOES NOT affect a man's desire for sex. However according to many men, it doesn't need to.

3. The moon DOES affect romantic evenings where a couple may be looking up at it, see a full moon and a starry night and then get the urge to get it on. However, this is only if said couple enjoys moonlit nights of romance.

4. The moon DOES affect waves in the ocean which is also a romantic setting on the beach in which a couple may feel romantic and get busy right there on the sand. However, this is only if said couple enjoys the sound of waves and doesn't mind some sand in their pants.

5. Finally, the moon DOES NOT make couples turn into wild sex maniacs that must have each other, unless said couple are werewolves and feel the need to breed once transformed into their other selves.

So the next full moon see if you feel a little more hot for your lover.... you never know how the moon relates to YOUR sex drive until you test it out!

*Our facts are just fun musings from the general public.

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